I’m Excited

By Pervis Upshur

I’m excited because I have good people around me.

I’m excited because I get to do things in my life that I thought I could never do.

I’m excited cuz I have people to help me with stuff I don’t know how to pronounce. But I’m learning how to pronounce it.

I’m excited because the sun comes all the way out and the sky is bright.

I can go outside my house and eat ice cream and talk to my neighbor.

I’m excited cuz I’m starting to do things by myself without any help.

And I’m excited because I’m helpful to elderly people and they talk to me. They tell me things that I need to hear.

I’m excited cuz I can go out and work and do somethin’ to earn money when I need it.

I’m excited because I’m myself.  I’m excited because nobody can take it away from me.

And I’m excited just to be excited.

I’m excited because I have another chance to keep myself first.


This poem originally appeared in the Fall 2013 Issue of The Wall Newspaper