By Derrick Branch

On my travels in life

God has been so generous to me.

All my needs are somehow taken care of

almost miraculously.

At times when I need to eat

I may go hungry for a while,

but before I starve my hunger is satisfied.

And when I’m truly financially stressed,

down on my luck,

a good job is right around the corner.

Bet your bottom buck.

When bullets fly and there’s mayhem in the streets,

I walk safe and secure

in virtual peace.

I’m never lonely.

There is always a friend,

and no matter how many times I fall due to my sins,

I manage somehow to get up again.

And most of the time,

in the end I truly win.

And all of this is due

to the grace that the Lord sends.


This poem originally appeared in the Fall 2013 Issue of The Wall Newspaper