By Agnes Abdelwahabe

I am crying all the tears I didn’t cry.

Letting out the tears I try to hide.

I don’t like this feelin’ that’s hangin’ over me.

So I pray to God to set my soul free.

I’m trying to move forward but yet I am trapped.

Trying to hide my feelings but yet I collapsed.

Returnin’ to my shell from the world outside.

And even though you see me you see my pride.

Cuz I won’t let another see me down.

I won’t let another person smile at my frowns.

In order to achieve I must believe.

But first I know it starts with me.

But before me it starts with God.

He the shepherd will guide me with his rod.

And he alone will guide me to the light.

And bring me to my future that is oh so bright.

But in the meantime I’m suffering,

Waiting for His words to let my soul sing.

And even though patience is key,

It feels like I have been waitin’ for an eternity.


This poem originally appeared in the Fall 2013 Issue of The Wall Newspaper