“My Mind”

By Rose Browne


My mind is playing tricks on me.

Confused about days and nights,

wrongs from rights.

So I channel my energy to The Universe,

hoping and praying for a better outcome,

realizing that I have more choices,

I pray that the decisions I have made will not distract my focus on what

seems like my future, which I thought I had already planned.

So I turn my antenna to a different direction,

hoping to get a more transparent response.


My mind is playing tricks on me.

For a minute I thought I was free

to make a choice instead of making

an educated guess, so I dot all my i’s and cross all my t’s.

All this time I thought that I was focused

with a mindset of what I wanted and the means and ways

I was going to get it.


My mind is playing tricks on me and now it got me tripping,

trying to figure out if I’m going crazy or if it’s just my illusion.

I’ve had horrible nights

and too many restless days.

My body has lost its coordination.

My mind has taken over my lifeless body,

leaving me paralyzed.