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By Derrick Branch

On my travels in life

God has been so generous to me.

All my needs are somehow taken care of

almost miraculously.

At times when I need to eat

I may go hungry for a while,

but before I starve my hunger is satisfied.

And when I’m truly financially stressed,

down on my luck,

a good job is right around the corner.

Bet your bottom buck.

When bullets fly and there’s mayhem in the streets,

I walk safe and secure

in virtual peace.

I’m never lonely.

There is always a friend,

and no matter how many times I fall due to my sins,

I manage somehow to get up again.

And most of the time,

in the end I truly win.

And all of this is due

to the grace that the Lord sends.


This poem originally appeared in the Fall 2013 Issue of The Wall Newspaper

I’m Excited

By Pervis Upshur

I’m excited because I have good people around me.

I’m excited because I get to do things in my life that I thought I could never do.

I’m excited cuz I have people to help me with stuff I don’t know how to pronounce. But I’m learning how to pronounce it.

I’m excited because the sun comes all the way out and the sky is bright.

I can go outside my house and eat ice cream and talk to my neighbor.

I’m excited cuz I’m starting to do things by myself without any help.

And I’m excited because I’m helpful to elderly people and they talk to me. They tell me things that I need to hear.

I’m excited cuz I can go out and work and do somethin’ to earn money when I need it.

I’m excited because I’m myself.  I’m excited because nobody can take it away from me.

And I’m excited just to be excited.

I’m excited because I have another chance to keep myself first.


This poem originally appeared in the Fall 2013 Issue of The Wall Newspaper

I Was Homeless

A poem by Michelle Ann Miller


I was homeless.

But now my life has improved!

My life has improved a whole lot. When I say a whole lot, this is what I mean. I now have my two-bedroom apartment that I love a lot. I don’t have to pay for PSE&G and that is a big blessing for me.

But when I still see homeless people on the street, sometimes I will stop and talk to them and tell them things can get better—but you have to make the first move before it will happen.

When I was homeless, all I could do was keep being strong; I kept my head up to the sky. That helped me a whole lot. Now I am trying very hard to get my G.E.D., so I can show my daughter Nicole, who has been in the Army for 15 years, that her mother can improve her life just like she did.

Nicole will be very proud of me. My Daughter will be 35 years old in July, and I will be 49 next year. Since we went through so much when we had no place to rest our heads, I always thank the Good Lord for looking out for Nicole and me. Without Him, we could not have made it to where we are today.

I just want to say one more thing. When I get my G.E.D., I have big plans. I am going to get into child care. I’ve done it in my life before and I want to do it again.

So now that I told you how my life improved, I am going to say goodbye and God bless all of you.

My Appreciation

A poem by Rayon 

You help me when no one would show me the way,

When others try to appoint me astray.

I really do appreciate all the outings and advice from Jamie and J.

I’ll never forget the times we shared,

I know I’ve accomplished a lot just from being here.

The vibe is always sincere.


It’s a wonderful feeling to have both of you in my life

Someone encouraging me to always do right.

Realizing that I have two people other than my queen and princess,

I’m so thankful you keep me on the road to success

It wasn’t me, God is the reason that I am blessed.

Through the hardships and trials I progress…

Staying determined and focused was my key

I must confess.