Pleading with my Ancestors

By Rose Browne


And as my pain run deep I find it hard to sleep so I twist and turn trying not to peek.


I feel like I’m being hunted by my ancestors. It feels like someone somewhere is trying to give me a message. As my ears rang out like a church bell, I try to listen and respond.


I try to the answer to the issue, a call.


But only when I tried everything seems so unresponsive, making it seems like I’m talking to myself. I feel strongly that they was trying to give me a message. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention. So I twist turn, and I twist and turn. Wondering whether or not I should get up and face my fear. Or should I stay in this dream, or is it a nightmare?


The ones that I claimed I never had were I gets up out of my sleep crawling on my knees in agony.


With bloody hands and feet,

pleading with my ancestors.